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Well, I've finally finished the logo for my headstock. It's a spoof on the Fender logo, changing it to fit my last name, Dryden.


My question is, can a place like Kinko's or Copymax print this on logo paper (the ultrathin clear stuff), or would I need a special logo place, online or otherwise, to print it? Also, assuming I can find a source for the logo paper, do I need a special kind of printer, or will an inkjet work? Thanks!

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Is this THE actual file that you are going to use?

What program are you using?

If you're starting out from scratch in Photoshop, or something like that, I would recommend that you go for a much higher resolution.

Right now you're at about 37 dpi, but it's 4" tall, so there's some dpi that will be "added" when you reduce it.

But professional quality bitmap files are ususally 1200 dpi, at final size.

If you can, try to create logos in a vector based format.

They are resolution independent, and can be resized without losing any detail....

As for getting it printed out, Kinko's should be able to print that for you on some clear "overlay" type of material.

Good luck!


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