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Calculating Depth Of Neck Pocket

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Is this the right way to calculate the depth of the neck pocket? It's for a Fender-type construction, with no neck angle and using a hard-tail string-through-body strat-type bridge.

1. Measure the height of the bridge saddles at their lowest point

2. Subtract this value from the depth of the neck heel.

3. The remainder is the depth to which the neck pocket should be routed.

That way the fretboard protrudes from the top of the body at the same height as the saddles at their lowest point (i.e. the strings would also run along the fretboard at the same height) thus the saddles can be raised to give the desired action.

Thanks for any advice.

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Thanks - I checked the Warmoth specs. These are fine if the neck I'm using is a Warmoth, but what if it's not? I can't just copy Warmoth specs if the neck is by a different manufacturer. Is there a general method of calculating neck pocket depth that's the same regardless of make of neck?

And I thought I was "asking someone who knows." :D

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