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Strange Body Help Needed...

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Hello for all

1. Sorry for my english :D


I Have a problem with my guitar it looks strange it was a cheap used guitar (30$)

and I have trouble with restoring it .

I've chenged frets but they are "buzzing" (I will ask for that later ). I Have a body

which is similar to to this picture .Looks like filpped tremolo hole (bottom side of super strat or strat guitar ) ,and i'm wonder what are those holes for(I have a non treomolo fender type brigde) It looks interesting...

have anybody a idea what could it be ?

gretings for all

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Thanx :D

have You any Idea what Can i do wtih this guitar body ? (maby little thin wood on top to have a look of "jackson")

The tunel from big hole to jack hole was filled up with some kind of glue , wood ,foil and now i've removed it .

Body is made from 1 pice of wood .

I'm waiting for any suggestions

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That's a lot of filling-in you have to do there!

One Project Guitar member posted this:

How "Bear" Filled-In A Pickup Routing....

(I've never done anything like that, myself).


Brian also has this (from the PG Tutorials):

Tremelo To Hard-Tail Conversion


What you have isn't exactly "like" either of the problems, listed and shown above. I'm sure something can be done, somehow. Perhaps a mixing & matching of both repairs, combining methods?

I really can't advize you any further than this. Maybe someone else can? Is anything keeping you from just getting another body? Or is this a "challenge" for you?

Good Luck! and keep us updated.

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