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Moser Scythe?

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Rodney, a member here works for Moser. Email him he may be able to help as long as you're not copying it exactly. They'd probably frown upon that :D

Rodney isnt really associated with MCS . He just did designs for them on commission. I havnt seen Rodney around in forever so i doubt you would get ahold of him. Check out www.mosercustomshop.com or www.nealmoser.com for scythe pics.

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well considering that neal designed the virgin (which has really always been the scythe just without the back carve, name was changed when class axe bought the design-correct me if im wrong shredder guys!) its not really much of a suprise, im actually in the middle of paying for mcs guitar (an import bastard V) and i cant wait till she gets to my door!

I would definatly contact neal as he would be able to help you the most, go to the MCS website and sign up on the shredder.

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