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Turning It Into A Fretless...

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Hey all. My friend is thinking of taking his electric guitar and turning it into a fretless. I've read it's best to take a soldering iron, heat the fret, take nippers and start from one end to the other slowly rocking it until it comes out, and continue with all the frets (correct me if i'm wrong on anything please!)

How would you go in about filling the holes though to making it a fretless. Thanks!

-Jamie :D

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well if you fill the slots with maple(unless it is a maple neck,then use ebony)then you will have markers...which is a good thing,and it is still a "right way" to do it...why replace the fretboard?extra work for nothing i think

use veneer...try to get it in as close to the thickness of the slot as you can(about .024 is pretty standard slot size)

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Dumb question time:

Why not grind/file the frets level with the fretbaord?

Here's why I'm asking:

The biggest problem I've seen with fretless boards is that people put the wrong strings on them and chew up the wood. (I saw a fretless bass at Guitar Center that had round-wound strings on it, and the fretboard already had very noticeable impressions.)

So, if you leave some brass in the neck, would it help to eleviate wood erosion?

That may sound stupid, but I'm just trying to learn.


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