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How Many Templates Do You Have?

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im seeing how many people around here have made there own templates and just how many they have done, I have been working on several neck thru guitars in the past few months (you regulars might remeber my daily rhoads v rants!, well guess what, now im workin on 3 of em!) all of these guitars are neck thru and they will all have deferent specs, but anywhoo i have had to make several templates for all of these guitars and its taken more time then actual fabrication on the guitars (that figures though) anyways here is a list of the templates i have done

floyd rose route (4 templates-front, front depth, back, lions claw)

pickups (singles, hums-easy...)

truss rod template (this was a #$Y(@!!! 4 total 1 for each of the following scales: 24 3/4, 25, 25 1/2, 27)

body templates (rhoads v, jem/rg, warlock, soloist, prs, and custom of mine, ironbird stealth and ignitor on the way)

neck template (not too tough but tedious)

headstocks (easy-widow, pointed, gibby style, fender style, reverse pointed, prs style)

electronics cavities (1 for each of the 6 guitars i am building-yea i said 6)

battery box (easy again)

all of them are made out of 1/4" plexi glass.

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I've got

One humbucker template (planning to make an extra piece to allow for convenient ear routing)

And an Original FR template (just the outline of the front. Might make extra pieces to conveniently route the different depths)

Made from 4mm plexi.

So far I've only built one guitar body, and this is what I've needed so far. The body in question is however badly planned out, so it will be scrapped, and I'll go through another one, so I guess I'll get more templates.

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i'm also building 3 guitars at once.. (i won't tell what kind.. it's a surprise :D )

i made a body template from mdf yesterday to be used with a homemade robo sander in a small drill press.. i just tried it and seems to work pretty well..

i've also made many thin templates from white and clear acrylic for marking the places i need to route..

i don't have any routing templates because i haven't found a copy router bit anywhere.

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