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Satin Finishproblems


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Hey all, I'm new to all this but i have a question. I am working on a JPM replica and have just finished it satin style. It is all black on the back and sides with a purple red almost padaulk color on the face with sliver graphics. the neck is a usa custom from a usrg guitar with the tension free neck. Looks great but I am going on 3 weeks now and the laquer is still soft and smells wet. you can handle it but after holding it for a while it starts to feel sticky . finally heres the question....

Why is it not completely dry yet? is this normal? what should I do next?

I'm new to finishing and i read all the tutorials i could find, followed all the directions. I did not use enamal at all . its all an acrylic laquer and a satin laquer by Deft. thanks all ~ Scott

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Well, right now and for at least the last week and a half its hanging on the wall in my bedroom. otherwise it has been hanging from a coat hanger in the garage .The smell is not real strong and you can only smell it if you go right up to it,I live in charlotte N.C. and it has been rather humid lately. and cool in the mornings. When i coated it with the satin laquer I applied it rather thick will that wave somthing to do with that? Thanks for your help. ~ Scott

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