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Is It Possible To Change Nut Widths?

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you can just pop out the 1 11/16 and pop in a 1 5/8, the only thing that changes is a more narrow string spacing, no modification to the neck is needed, you'll just have a wider neck, but tighter string spacing at the nut.

That really doesn't make the guitar any easier to play for smaller hands and that was what I assumed he was wanting to do the change for. What other reason would there be to just change the nut?

I would think any guitar would be uncomfortable to play with too much fretboard overhang. :D

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for the 1/16th of an inch difference you don't even need to take the frets out. It will be less than 1/32" on each side by the 1st fret and progressively less as you go up the neck as you won't want to change the heel width. You could take down the entire fret end with files or even just coarse sandpaper while you take down the wood, then dress your fret ends again, no point in over complicating the issue.

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