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Troubleshoot Me!


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Well, I'm building my first scratch guitar. I feel fairly confident in my woodworking abilities, so that isn't a problem. I am a bit concerned about screwing over the electronics though. So, I was hoping that perhaps someone with some time on their hands could point out all the holes in my plan, so that I don't get too far into planning and designing and find out something won't work.

So. I'm planning on getting three single coil pickups, which is as far as I have gotten on that area. I'm still not sure what I want for each position, but I want a wide range of tones.

Then it gets tricky. I want to wire it similar to Brian May of Queen, but with this modification, which I am told works fairly well. I'd love to be able to have single coils, as well as makeshift humbuckers. It seems Mr. May had success with this method, but then again, he's a better player than I am. The differences being that I want a cocentric stacked volume/tone knob, different pickups, and a different body.

Are there any pickups that won't work with this at all? Is there anything special I need to keep in mind when wiring this way? Will this not work at all for some reason?

Thanks for any help guys.

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I wouldn't like to try that with any EMG active pickups or some of the double coil S slot pickups (i knoow they'd work fine as long as theyre not split), but as far as I can see it will wour with any others. I suppose you are wanting the brian may sound so I'd try and find some of the Burns copies if possible. Thats just an uneducated opinion though. :D

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LOL, take your pick! With all those DPDT switches your bound to get "umpteen" number of tones out of your guitar. Just remember that your basic strat wiring with the 5-way toggle still provides humbucker capabilities in 2 switch positions.

Personally, it would take me quite a while to learn how to play all those DPDT switches...let alone just playing the guitar! :D

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Actually, I could use a LOT of help picking out pickups. I really don't have that much experience with different pickups. Sure, I've probably played a hundred or so different kinds, but I have no reccolection what they were.

I really want a guitar that will fit what I like to play. The bands that I am in (but usually die after a few weeks, but meh) are always varied. We play everything from classical, mellow stuff, to abrasive distorted music. I really need something so that I can play from happy to melancholy, and soft to hard. I guess that pedals and amps can take care of lots of this, but I'm only rich enough to afford a Digitech RP200. Maybe I coul dbuy something better if I had a job and wasn't spending my allowance on parts for a guitar.

Anyway, any advice on how to achieve this varied awesomeness would be much appreciated.

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