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Bolt On Problem

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That's one pretty good option. Never tried one, but they make these reverse drill bits for stuff like that. You use a bit that's smaller than the broken screw. While you are drilling in the screw it actually often starts working the broken off screw out of the hole.

Also, I might try cutting a slot in the top of it, then using a screw-driver to turn it out

if you are ever going to sell the neck, it sure looks better if it doesn't have a plug that shows.

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You may want to attempt to drill down into the center of the busted bolt. Then insert an easy out into the newly drilled hole and turn the bolt back out using the easy out. If you can find an easy out small enough, I would recommend that as it will preserve the thread and prevent any plugging or re-tapping of the hole.


Be forewarned though, I've not attempted to use an easy-out on a bolt broke off in wood. They do require a bit of hammering etc. to get them snug inside the center of the bolt and may or may not be ideal for this application. But it is maybe something to consider. I would wait and see if any of the more knowledgable fellows around here has encountered this problem and perhaps can confirm my suggestion or voice something more suitable.

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I'd go with the slotting it. take a cutoff grinding wheel for your dremel and slot it, then turn it out with a screwdriver.

This is exactly the reason for my disclaimer. The above suggestion does the exact same thing I suggested but without the nasty hammers and drill-bits. Whips out his notebook for future reference.


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