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Peavey Amp Distorion


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Because on those two channels, the "post" is just for controlling the overall volume of those channels relative to the others. You still have an overall "Master" volume control. Since you don't want to use those channels anyway, my suggestion is to kill the two distortion channels completely.

I had a Peavey for ages, and i found there was a bit of audible bleed-through from the distortion channel into the clean one. That's why i suggested shutting everything to do with the distorted channels off. That also gives you a nice, silent "standby" mode using your footswitch.


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Ah, sorry i had your amp mixed up with a newer version.

But the same principle applies. Each channel has its own "master" volume control. If you have your "Pre" and "Saturation" turned down to zero, you probably won't get any sound out of that channel anyway (if it's anything like my old Bandit), so i'd still say turn the Pre, Saturation and Post all down to zero and only play through the "Normal Gain" channel.

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uh.. hello.. preamp out poweramp in.. utilizing the signal from your pedals you should have enough voltage gain to go into the power amp in. which is peavey speak for this is the input to the power amp that bypasses the preamp completely.


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