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Auto-air Colors


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Anyone try this stuff? It is a water based sparkle flake. I sprayed it with my HVLP set-up and it went on fairly easily. These pics are not great, it looks like sort of a muted red and reflects light very nicely. I think it would look better on a dark red background. This ons is over white latex. They also have candy colors and some semi-opaque stuff that I shot on an old body today.



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Auto Air is so so to spray if you're doing large solid colors. They suck in an airbrush and some of their paints are a major pain in the ass to spray. I've sprayed a lot of Auto Air in my quest for less toxic paints, but I really don't like them. I also find their Candy's to be weak and their metallics and pearls to be pretty plain. But they're cheap like water which is ok. Like I say though, trying to airbrush with them, while it is possible, is kind of like eating soup with a fork, possible, but pretty pointless.......

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