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Tele Neck Refinish

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I've a 1990 USA Standard Tele. The neck has had some pretty rough treatment, and the lacquer between the frets is pretty worn/scratched. But, the frets are fine.

I'd really like to get the guitar at least looking a bit better - it deserves it. It really doesn't need a refret.

So, coupla questions - what lacquer would Fender have used on this neck - anyone know?

secondly, does anyone have suggestions on how to patch this up so it doesn't look so cr@ppy, without removing frets. All suggestions welcome!


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I don't know what Fender used but you could try some of the refinishing supplys from ReRanch. They work well, just tape over the frets first in the same manner as though your going to scallop the neck (except trim the ends).

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well, there is a lot more to it than that...if it is indeed lacquer, you need to burn it in if you dont want to see any cracks....first make sure its lacquer by letting a rag soaked in lacquer thinner lay it on the guitar...if after a few minutes it gets tacky, then its lacquer....what you want to do on the chip outs is brush the area with some lacquer thinner to clean and to soften the lacquer so you can melt in the lacquer...after the spot softens drop in some unthinned lacquer....after you get it level and hard, just buff it out

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