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Warlock Guitar On The Way

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hey guyz am ali and am goin to make a warlock guitar am playin on electric guitar 2yrs ago and i started to think to make my own guitar and i choose a warlock syle but i dont know anythin about doin a guitar by my self any way i went to a a to a shop like a blacksmith and i told him about my idea and i told him how it will be be and he said k but get me the dimensions of it and i duuno anythin about them so i searched on the net but i couldn't find anythin about a warlock but i found how to make a normal guitar style ... so can anyone help me with it step by step plz :D and if u can send some pics for it B)

c ya

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what type of pic's do you need pic's of the warlock itself or dimension pic's of the warlock?? try www.nealmoser.com he has a few pic's of a warlock that might help.


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so can anyone help me with it step by step plz

I'm sorry, I didn't understand your whole post either, but from what I understood, you want to make a Warlock, and you need info on the size and on how to make a guitar.

My best suggestion is going to the BC Rich website and reading all their info, I dont' know how good they are, but gibson has all sorts of info on scale, etc, so maybe that would work ok, otherwise, find out the info you need to build the guitar. Scale, size, parts, etc..go to your local music shop and measure it all up, take photos, note down everything that you can. I don't know anything about Warlocks, but I'm presuming it would be similarly built to just about every other guitar, bolt on, or glued, neck, etc....

Get a couple of books on building, you'll find links on here for the good ones, and use them to answer your step by step question. Start a thread in the in progress section, add lots of photos, and I'm sure people will help :D

Not being rude, however, I would guess English is a second language. It's a little hard to understand what you're trying to say. Add a little puntuation (full stops, commas, etc) It breaks it up and makes it easier. Where are you from, by the way?

Good luck, and let us know how you get on B):D

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heyz everybody

B) am srry about my english it sux i know :D anyways this replys maybe helped me in some way but i still need some more info the project u gave me about the warlock it was a full body but the hardware inside it ... thats my problem the hardware i got the pickups and everythin almost so ??

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