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Laser Light - Pick Up?


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Looks like they changed the web site....they used to have sound clips on there but I couldn't find any on the new site. I have listened to clips but never heard one in real life. I think someone on here built a bass recently with a lightwave in it...can't remember who though.

Found some!! Hit link and go about half way down for 6 clips.

WARNING: Get the kleenex out before you listen because you may mess your jeans................... :D

LightWave Sound Clips

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Here is the bass pricing from December last year. I was thinking of using it and emailed them directly for prices. I don't know if these have changed or not since then.

The full-featured 4-string kit is US$384, including insured air-mail shipping to you.  The 5-string kit is US$414; the 6-string is US$442.

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Oh, come on, OFR for $150, and $200 for an EMG-ZW set, then the cost of electronics, which adds up when you have Afterburners and Push-Pulls and coil taps and the like; you end up darn near the cost of the 6 string set.

Yeah, it's a little more expensive, but not all that much more. Also, there's the added benefit of a clear, simple top on your guitar.


That's Basey's Lightwave bass; he'd be a good person to talk to!

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