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Fingerboard Erm.... Depth (i Think)


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ok. I've been doing lots of reading etc but i cant seem to find the answer to a really stupid (and probobly inconsequential) question.

Does the fingerboard have to be any required depth? i.e 5mm

personally i wouldn't think so but i want to make sure before i do anything else.

thanks for any help :D

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Hrm. ok.

the nut i bought is already slotted though and at the moment there is about 3mm clearance from the top of fret board to the top of the nut.

Note: the fret board is 5mm thick.

Like i said... i wouldn't think that this would matter... but i would like to take the width of the fret board down another .5mm just to be safe... what do you think?

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cool. thanks for all your help...i will see what happens... had not thought of the shims ^^;;

just a side note... im not really planning on cambering the fretboard... i might a little but not a huge amount... just a personal preference

thanks again :D

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Remember if you're using a double truss rod (either double action or one-way) it works by applying upward pressure to the middle of the fretboard, and downward pressure at each end. A fretboard that's too thin will be prone to cracking under truss rod pressure. A traditional rod/filler strip alleviates pressure against the fretboard so even a thin vintage Fender "veneer-style" fretboard is fine.

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Try something like a 19" radius or so. I used a compound 12"-17" radius on my tele, and I like it. I have a 24" radius block, but it barely removes anything on the edges.

Now a question (not meant to hijack). I made the high (gbe) side of my board slightly thicker than the low (EAD) side, probably 1/16" difference, so that the high strings will be closer to the board (the bridge doesn't adjust individual string height). Has anyone else tried this before?

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