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It sounds like you & I have the same basic idea. I have an Ash Tele-Syle body and want it to be gray...with the grain showing thru.

I bought the body from Musikraft in New Jersey and still can't tell if it's Swamp or Northern Ash. It weighs 4.8 pounds and is 1& 1/2 inches thick (1950 Broadcaster style) and sort of "heavy" for Swamp Ash. Musikraft didn't say what kind of Ash it is so I've "guessed" Northern (hard ash).

In any event , my Project has been on-hold since I lost my job (which is beside the point). Other than that, I've been posting A Lot here at PG...asking the same stuff you are.

There are several threads I could point you to. Actually there has been some disagreements on how "that" is done---and even "if" it can be done. This has more to do with individual experiences, personal tastes, and probably the individual character of each piece of wood that has been used as well.

I have to go check on a job and vote....

But will be back later to give you links to the threads where we've been talking about "coloring (and finishing)" Ash (what you & I are going for).

Here's the most recent thread:

Bad Dye Job

And prolly where we'll wind up picking-up. Matt's (GuitarFrenzy) Method is cool if that's what yer going for. Others have (and/or are) using his "tinted-clear" type of finish and say it's Great! I'm not so sure that's what I want...well, it isn't. So I'm currently weighing out other options.

If ya wanna...tell me (exactly) what kind of finish you want here & I'll be back later tonite. (We could work-together on our separate guitars???). I've got the basic ideas on what can be done from other PG members but,

Gotta git!




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