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Solid Body Grain Direction

Guest AlexVDL

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I think that if you're going to try and build guitars for a business, then you obviously need an 'angle' that no one else has, and that you have the right (to an extent) to hype your angle up, which is what they're doing here.

I can't blame anyone for putting everything they have into making a go of it.

Now, ...whether I actually believe that stuff about sound waves streaming into my body from the guitar having vertical grain, well...



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By placing a cross-grained piece of wood at this center position of the body, sound is reflected back towards the top and back of the instrument ...

If the sound is being reflected, then it's going towards the front, not the back. And it can't be reflected both ways and still qualify as reflected. The correct terminology might be radiated or defracted... but not reflected... and a scientist would understand that better than I would.

... four times faster than on a standard guitar.

Hello? You still have the same density, ergo you still have the same rate of flow.

In 1983 we created the same effect with the revolutionary aluminum-alloy body of our original Talbo guitar and bass.

Aluminum has a grain? If not, then what DOES that mean?

Now after two decades of research and development we have succeeded...

It took them 20 years to realize that they could turn the wood a different direction?

It does smell like merida. (That's like merde, but without the French effluvium.)


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I do believe quartersawn wood may exhibit different acoustic properties, but I doubt it would make a noticable difference. Wait... is Tokai using quartersawn wood? Where the hell do they get that much!??!

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