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Mij Strat Wiring Diagram

Paul Marossy

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I have this 1994 MIJ Hot Rod Reissue Strat, Floyd Rose Original locking temolo. It came with a white single ply pickguard (replaced due to static buildup from right hand technique), Crimson foto-flame body, factory installed DiMarzio humbucker on bridge, and two single coils. One volume control and two tone controls. One of the tone controls has a pull switch that switches the bridge pickup between humbucker and single coil mode. It's loosely based on a 50's Strat, has the vintage looking Sperzel(?) tuners and original headstock shape and Fender script logo. Serial number N002986.

OK, now that that is out of the way, I drew up a wiring diagram for it:


My question is, does anyone have information on the two resistors and pot value(s) of the TBX tone control circuit on these MIJ Strats? I couldn't tell the values of the resistors without desoldering stuff. They were hard to interpret, I came up with 4.7M (maybe...) and 320M (no way!). I didn't want to desolder stuff, as it looked like it would be a real PITA...

(BTW, before y'all direct me to the online wiring diagrams, I can tell you that all of the online diagrams are different than from my guitar. I also emailed Fender Support, and they also told me that they do not have a wiring diagram for my guitar. :D )

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