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hey, today i put a kent armstrong distortion humbucker into the bridge position of my old eppiphone les paul special. i had the pickup lying around so i put it in. it went in fine, but the middle position of my 3 way switch is of lower volume then the bridge and neck positions. the bridge and neck are the same volume, its not completely gone but it is noticably quieter. the kent armstrong has 5 wires, green, red, black, white and bare. here is what i have done, white and black are for the coil tap (witch i am not using) so they soldered together and electrical taped so they wont interfeer with anything. the red is the hot and green and bare are ground. i put the wires in the exact same spot as the old eppiphone pickup. the stock eppiphone pickups were 2 conducter and the kent armstrong is 4, but that should make no difference.

i did a little diagram of where my pickup leads go onto my switch, i dident include the other wires but i think this will be enough.


here is a link to the pickup i put in.


does anyone know how i can fix my problem?

thanks , matt

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