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Why Do I Keep Getting Runs?

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Hey ya'll,

I got around (again) to finish my bass with that sunburst I keep screwing up. The sunburst is starting to look quite nice now but I keep getting runs :D

Whats the deal with that???

I've got both stewmac videos on finishing and their book too. I'm following all the direction a finishing newb should be doing:

I'm spraying at 35psi, the needle is practically in closed position and i'm trying to mimick the spraying pattern I saw on the videos. I also hold the bass horizontaly after spraying to let the nitro set but thats when the runs develop on the sides

B) My lacquer is 60% nitro 40% thinner (and black dye)

The front of the bass looks fine. (here's a pic)


But I get small runs on the sides of the bass. Why is that?

Is it because my corners are too round?

I've tried sanding the runs out but then I reach the wood and respraying that tiny part makes it worse looking. I've also wiped the lacquer of with thinner in the ugly parts but respraying it makes really ugly lines between the parts (and I still get runs anyway)

I'm getting pretty annoyed i've already sprayed and removed the lacquer at least 4 times this week because of those runs and this is only the black band of the burst, I still haven't sprayed any clear or any other colors yet :D

Anybody´s got any tips?

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If you're getting runs, you're either spraying too wet or you're not moving the gun fast enough or your mixture is too thin.

They're all the same thing basically.

Shooting is always a balance between these issues: your mixture, your gun settings, and the speed at which your moving. It's somewhere between those 3 issues.

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