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pick-up vol.

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hi all

i have an idea for my funny little strat. right now it has a gibson '57 classic in the neck and a fender single coil in the middle, and a FRED in the bridge. i have it wired with coil tap in the 2nd positon of the switch. i like this, but i was thinking if i wired it with a 3 way switch for the humbuckers and a dedicated volume pot for the middle. so for all intensive purposes the middle pick up would be a seperate circuit. is this possible? i know i could do it but i'm worried about noise. my guitar is shielded and grounded ala guitar nuts.

is having a separate volume pot for the single coil in the middle of my guitar going to cause a problem? should i have an on/off switch for the pick-up so i can turn it on and off?

thanks all, you rock!!! :D

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actually no it will work just fine as long as you remember one thing.. if you wire it like a standard volume pot when you turn it all the way down it will ground out the whole gutiar. instead reverse the leads on the pot.

for example

say you take the pickup and normaly go into the third lug with the guitar grounded on the frist lug and then go to the master from the second lug. reverse lugs three and two.

that way when you turn down the middle pickup all the way it grounds it out but not the rest of the guitar signal. let me know if you want me to draw up somethign for you.

just email me if you need too


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