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This May Be A Question..

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Been looking for a guitar for a while now. i havent played in 2 years and my search is growing thin. There is something wrong with every single guitar i play. neck, pickup config, dont like the looks whatever. i was just wondering if someone could possibly build me a guitar for a reasonable price? i want to keep it at 1500$ or lower. not looking for flash just a very very study, playable guitar that sounds good. If so, please let me know and if not, its all good. :D thanks for your time and have a good one.

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Thanks for the info about the builders. not really my syle though. here what i want and if anyone can comment abou it it would be much appreciated. this is the body style.


what i want: mahog body and set mahog neck.

1 volume 1 tone and 3 way selector

HSS config(routing only, i can install the pickups and electronics)

ebony neck with black dot inlays.

whole thing bound in white.

black body finish

clear satin neck finish

3x3 headstock design.

width of neck: 1 11/16 at the nut

depth of neck: 27/32 at nut

25'' scale.

i want this bridge.


ABM Non-Tremolo Bridge for Strat®, With Ferrules, Steel Saddles, Chrome, 2-1/8"

thats about it. i hope i dont get flamed for asking this. if you can help me awesome and, again, if not then its cool. thanks again.

EDIT: Basically if someone can just route, bind, do the inlays and paint, i can do everything else dealing with the hardware and electronics. thank again. peace.

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If you say you don't like every single guitar you play then what makes you think you will like a custom built one when you finally get it?

What to say you don't like the way it plays after you spend your $1500?

I really think your going down the wrong path.

You say you want one like the one in the picture? Why not just save and buy one?

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That guitar in the photo is a Gordon Smith, isnt it? From what I have heard, they are very fine guitars (a lot of 'humans' as opposed to 'machines' are used in the building process) and they are based out of the UK.

They are (or where as I recall) VERY reasonably priced considering... I think they used to use a rosewood veneer as a fingerboard (as opposed to a slab) to cut costsand presrve wood, etc, but I believe they have stopped this.

Great value guitars, as far as I have heard.

Do you own this guitar, and are not happy with it? If so, you may find that you will have to pay more than 1500 for something you like better.


By the way, if you ARE in london- I would DEFINATELY recomend Setch's work- have a look at the Les Paul he is building. (I would use the 'drool' emoticon, but I find it disgusting :D ) (the emoticon, that is, not Setch's great work)

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