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Metallic Paint


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You mean like this but blue, purple?





You can get it from duplicolor, it's the Mirage kit.

I'm including a few pics for you to see the different colors that I was able to attain from moving the guitar in reference of the sun, but be fore warned, go very easy on the clear, I found that by dusting a lot of coats is better to keep the different tones on the paint, I lay the second coat too wet and the bright purple color dissapeared, I guess that the metalic flakes that were reflecting this color were very thin and they just layed flat on the thick coat!

Click here for a link to their site!

Or if you have a compressor and gun set up get this one ALSA once there look at their home page, this guys stuff is sick, I can't wait to get a compressor and booth to start using them. A little pricy but if you want some good you got to pay for it.

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