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Run Down Hofner Bass

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I think its a hofner, its says hofner on the headstock but theres no serial number on it at all, i checked everywhere even on the base of the neck the neck(not too many places it could hide hehe). Its sort of fender jazz bass looking guitar, used to have two humbucker one very close to the neck about an inch away and the other by the bridge. It had a flexible plastic covering that peeled off and tore so i removed it completely, it was white on the top and black on the bottom sort of snake skin or alligator skin looking plastic. the only numbers i found where underneath the neck it said E 2. So i realy don't know if its actually a hofner bass. My question is i have left over glue on the body and i was wondering what would be the best way to remove it and make ready for paint, also if you have any information about this paticular guitar. I will try to get some pics if that would also help. Thanks a million for your help.

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i've used a product called "goof off" for years with great results. it softens and disolves glues and paints and such. i've used it on a ton of guitars and have never had it effect the finish. don't know where you're located but it's available at most hardware and paint stores here in god's great state of texas. (wonder why there's no texas flag emoticon?)

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