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hey guy, sup?

anyway, im think of building kit, but the thing is i have never even seen a banjo in person so i have no clue how it all goes together B) but that a minor detail thats going to stop me :D so i was wondering has anyone build a banjo here? do you have any infomation or tips that can help me? whats the difference between open and closed back?, know any websites that might help me?



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Thats darn tempting. I don't see any real building involved, more assembly than anything else. I figure I could have it together and playing over 1 afternoon. :D

Banjos are LOUD instruments, regardless if open or closed back. The closed back banjo, ie. with the "pot" attached has more bottom to the tone and is slightly "less loud" than the open back. I prefer the closed back myself, open is too bright and "tinny" sounding for my liking.

Darn, no extra cash and Xmas is coming (shudder).

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Sorry I can't help. You would think that I would know at least ONE banjo player in Nashville... but everybody I know plays guitars or keyboards. So much for the stereotype that we're a bunch of banjo-pickin' Hee-Haw extras.

However, I agree with SouthPa; it looks more like assembly than anything.


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