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Fixing Up Fretboard Edges?

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Uhhh...maybe this is too obvious, and I didn't get what you were saying. Just use sandpaper. Maybe start at a higher grit so you don't take out too much wood. 320 grit might be good. The sand up through 800 or 1000 grit to blend it in. Maybe since the rest is matte, you'd want to take #0000 steel wool to it also. Just be careful not to hit the frets or finish on the neck where you don't want to.

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I'd use a 3 or 4 inch sanding block, just so it's a little more even. I wouldn't worry about saving time here, because taking an ede of with 320 grit isn't going to take much time. You may need to do some fret dressing, to take an edge off the ends, but the sanding may take care of it.

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