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Weird Thing On My Guitar

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hi, I am stripping my Silvertone SG, it had a transparent red finish on it and then I painted over it (black) and screwed it up. So now Im stripping it. Right, Im almost done, Im down past the first clear coat after the red. Heres my problem: After I got down to the red (past the clear, either spray or wipe on dye) I still had some clear and even some black (the color I refinished it as) on it so I decided do one more pass with the stripper. So after it dries I go ahead and start scraping and I notice a few spots where the excess paint has bubbled abnormally larger than the other areas. I started to scarpe and it looked like I had gone into the wood. I cant tell if the area still has the dye on it but I'm pretty sure it doesnt. The reason I couldnt tell is some of the red residue got into it and its sort of red. I think I might have two possible sollutions to this:

1. The person who originally finished the guitar (probably the guys at silvertone) did a sanding sealer or sealer of some sort before they dyed it red. This would mean I would have to put some stripper on and scrape that off (I think, anyone correct me if Im wrong).

2. The stripper burned into the wood and I just need to fill this "imperfection".

This is very important because I need the paint gone down to the bare wood because I am adding a veneer once I'm done stripping it.

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