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Help Required Please, Neck Vs. Pickup

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Ok, so I've designed and cut out my body. But now I have a decision to make.

EMG Select pickup and Stew mac neck


Dimarzio pup and $50 Saga type neck

Either choice would be about the same $$.

What would be your decision?

Go for good sound or better feel?

Are the Saga type necks really that bad?

Thanks in advace!

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How about an EMG Select with a Carvin neck? Angled peghead, graphite reinforcement, and ebony fretboard are all better than Stew-Mac for a few dollars more.

People rag on the EMG passives but they're not bad at all for the money. Remember, the pickups are only about 5% of the equation. Wood selection is another 5%. You could put some Dimarzio Evos in there but if you don't have the chops to make up the other 90% of the sound, they're not going to sound any better than a $24 EMG Select. You can always swap out the pickups later, too.

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