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I once saw a Dan Erlewine Video on assamling a strat and while he was doing the nut he kept talking of the factory specs. Not only the depth of the slots in the nut but also factory spec string action a.s.o..

I would like to get hold of these specs, ideally for a Strat, Tele a Gibson LP and PRS.

It is not that I do not have a feeling for it, but when it comes to do the nut, especially the way D.E. does it . it'd be a very need information. :D

Does anybody know of a source that would have all those info in one or would know parts of it, so I can write down and collect them one after another ?



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I dont have the time to find them all for you B)

certainly not :D - thank you - the string height at the zero fret (depth of the nut slots) however are missing in this list - they were the onces I wanted to know mostly , but the PU height among others is also a very handy average :D

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