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Newbie On A Neck Trough...

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Hi guys, I wanted to know if you think it's easy to a newbie to start with a neck trough guitar? Buying the neck of course... It eliminates the need of angle calculation and all that...

Does anyone knows were to buy a neck, except Stewmac? In Europe...

In Portugal we don´t have any place to buy it from...

Thanks!! :D

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Best place would be... Stewmac.

I also live in Europe and order everything from the states. Shipping is not that expensive. The advantage of stewmac is you can check in advance how much the shipping costs through their website. You don't get bad suprises this way. You might pay also a bit of taxes at the border but unfortunately thats life!

I can give you the website of a Dutch luthier who sales what you want but the prices are 100 to 200% higher than stewmac. It's MUCH cheaper to get the stuff from the states.

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I am building a few neck throughs now.

Lay the neck blank down on the bench so the grain is running parallel to the bench. Now you draw a straight line on the side of the wood that is facing up. This will be the line designating the top of the body. Now we need to draw the neck angle

You need to decide what the scale length of the finger board is or you won’t know where to start the neck angle from. So, you need to get your finger board and lay it down on the block of wood and mark where the nut starts and where the 12th fret hits and where the 16th fret hits. Then take a yard stick and measure from the end of the board starting at the nut to the 12th fret. Then you take that same measurement and run it from the 12th fret to where the bridge will be located. That is the scale length and where that measurement hits at the body, is where the E saddle of the bridge should hit.

After you have all these lines marked you can start laying out the proper angles.

Neck drop for T.O.M bridge. From 16th to front of nut. 5/8" drop.

Neck drop for Badass bridge. From 16th to front of nut. 11/16" drop.

Neck drop for Recessed Floyd Rose bridge. From 16th to front of nut. 1/2" drop.

Head drop for all of them. From the back of nut out 7". 1 3/8" drop.

For the frets past the 16th fret I use a shim that I get from the drop off of cutting the neck angle from 16th fret forward. Just cut it a bit longer than what youll need to complete the fretboard so you can just cut that off once you have the fretboard glued down.

Front of nut is the side of the nut closest to the fretboard, back of nut is the headstock side of the nut.

EDIT:The measurements are from Neal Moser's site, as is the method on how to get the angles.

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Atomik, here is the link that I pulled that info off form my post.

Moser Custom Shop Shredder :: View topic - Building a neck-thru guitar

I want to give Neal his due respect as he has been making NTG's forever and his method is the one that I use. He has helped many of the aspiring guitar builders with detailed personal at times instruction on his method of neck through construction. I hope that this extended article with all the pictures is helpful. In my opinion, incomplete as it is(not a finished thread, its a work in progress) is the best tutorial in getting started in building a neck through guitar bar none.

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