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My Furst Wireing Progect

Dugz Ink

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Okay... so I flipped out over the AES-800 I played... then realized that it was more money and wiring than I need to get into on my first project. K.I.S.S.

So here' what I have in mind: 2 humbuckers, each wired in series. The neck pup is then wired to a 2-position switch, so I can reverse the phasing. Both are then wired to a blend pot, instead of a 3-position (selector) switch.


I prefer the idea of a blend pot because I have never liked having a switch that tells ME how much of each pickup I get to hear. Also, I think the blend pot and the phase-reverse combination might create a neat sound as you sweep through.

Tell me if this is a good idea or a waste of solder.


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Well, I like the idea. I know I personally opted for Vol Blend Tone on my last bass (instead of Vol Vol tone or Vol switch Tone) because I actually use the blend at different levels.

One thing I might suggest is using a push-pull pot instead of the switch, for a cleaner look. Or, adding a push pull feature to one of the pots for added effects that don't clutter your look. Your call, of course.

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