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Redx Oak As A Neck Wood?

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i was wondering hwo well suited for a neck red oak would be for a neck? i just moved into a hosue and there asre some random lengths of red oak in the basement and they look perfect for a neck so i was wondering if they would suffice? i know oak tends to be a hard wood so i thought it could handle a neck well

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well its not that im too cheap too buy wood i just saw it lying inth e basement so i wanted to give it a whirl and wanted to get some opinions on it thats all...plus i thought it might be a good way to pracice building a neck and not waste money if it comes out crap

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I've used red oak for a laminated neck on a personal guitar project (electric, Washburn Tabu-like thing). It worked out well for me ... but I won't be using it again.

1- it has pores so large, you can park a truck in them

So, you spend a lot of time trying to sand smooth, seal, etc.

2- Its red oak and looks a bit dirty compared to white oak and other woods.

Otherwise, it cut well and I'm not sophisticated enough to tell a tonal difference w/o spending some time making alternate necks and comparing.

-- joe

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