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Tom Bridge For Electric Bass?

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This may sound completely strange, but I was thinking about mounting something like a tune-omatic bridge on an electric 4-string bass. (I'm thinking about doing what I would describe as a semi-string-thru end-loader.)

The only thing I have found so far are some "Beatles bridges" on eBay.

They look like this:


The only other thought that I've had for this project would be to use single bridge/stops... without using them as stops... just as individual bridges.

Any thoughts or warnings would be appreciated. I'm not ordering the bridge until after my current project is either finished or burned, so you have some time to respond. (Okay... I'm not really going to burn it... I'm just being obnoxious... which means I'm just being myself.)


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I don't know how reputable the source is, or how good the bridge is, but it exists.

I was going to use one for a while, but in the end decided not to because I wanted to build my own bridge.

Just a note, Warwick has their own really nice TOM-like bridges; I don't know if they can be bought separately, but they have a very nice look to them IMHO.

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schaller had a great looking one but they discontinued it for whatever reason schaller does anything. but the bb 0333-001 is a great looking bridge.

oh, and don't worry about your wife hating me...both of mine did too. :D

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Okay... time for the dumb question of the day...

Can I use something like that BB 0333-001 and then run the strings thru the body?

I know... there are bridges that are designed to be string-thru... but I was tinkering with the idea of mounting the ferrules in the butt of the guitar... sort of an angled string-thru thing. (Okay... maybe I'm over-thinking this one.)

Now for an even dumber question:

Would the "Hofner" bridge (BB 3200-0R1) be used with a trapeze... or ferrules?


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