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Removing Finish For Repaint?


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I haven't got a clue to your actual question, but after stripping the finish off a cheap guitar before, I can only offer this little nugget of advise.

1) Block of wood, sandpaper and brute force was the only way I managed to strip it, the ordital sander was less use than....errrr....a drummer in a pub quiz B)

2) I stripped it all the way back to the wood and then I thought that it was a stupid idea. Next time I'll just sand the paint off and leave the plasticy sanding sealer on, dunno if this is the best method, but it's gotta be better than what I did last time.

3) The finish is nasty, don't even think about doing it without a suitable mask.

4) Your girlfriend will go up the wall if you do it in the spare bedroom :D

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a cheapo Chinese telecaster guitar

I haven't stripped a cheapo Tele, but the cheapo (Chinese) LP is made out of plywood with a decent looking face. In a case like that, sanding down to the wood won't give anything beautiful... just a decent face with ugly edges.

However, sanding down the paint (without sanding it off) isn't always a great idea. It really depends on what they used; the color from some paints will bleed through subsequent coats. Since you and I don't know what they used on this, you may consider sanding it down, shooting a primer that will block any previous colors, then shoot your final color.

Of course, if you do that, and it gets chipped, you'll have this hideous hole with the old color showing through. That would really suck.

Maybe you should just buy some nice wood and use the old body as a template.


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