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Js Contour Of Horns

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That is the area where all JS guitars differ anyway. Its like snowflakes, they're all unique. It can be broken down in its most basic form to a triangular bevel on the outside and a 1/2" radius or so on the inside. The slope downward on the outside of the horn begins right at the end of the radius on the inside of the horn. Then it all comes together at the tip of the horn which is like a rounded ball end. The horn also thins slightly as it protrudes. I don't know if any of this helps. You could search catalog photos on various websites. Just try to look at as many of them as you can, until its burned into your brain.

BTW the horns are different from all the early Radius guitars. By the early '90's they began conforming the Radius shape to the JS. You might want to check out the Radius models to see how they were shaped. I prefer '88-89 Radii. To me that was the pinnacle.

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