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3 Humbuckers, 3 Vol, 1 Tone No Switch, Doable?


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Hello, a friend of mine asked me if I can wire his guitar with this configuration:

3 humbuckers + 3 volume + 1 master tone

He´s planning on using the volume to select the humbucker but he doesn´t wanna use a selector switch. What I understand is that basically the 3 of them are going to be on and when he wanna hear one he would turn down the volume of the other ones. To me it sounds crazy, I told him to use a selector to select the three at once and individually. But can it be done? Please help, I would like to know if this idea will work.


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Hi everyone!

I just purchased a Greco Les Paul custom body with three slots for pickups. I still got two Gibhson burstbuckers fpr neck and bridge postion lying around. For the middle position I thought a Seymour Duncan P90 in humbucker format would give some additional tonal posobolities. What do u guys think of that combination?

The three volume, one tone control wiring mentioned above sounds interesting but would leave the 3-way-switch useless.

I already figured out a wiring with one push-pull-pot which let's select a combination of neck HB/P90 or P90/bridge HB. But something which also lets me select bridge HB/neck HB additionally would be nicer. Would that be possible with something like a rotary switch?

Well, any input on how to wire the guitar is welcome.




Here's the link of the ebay-auction if anybody is interested how the guitar looks:


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In my guitar, i have 3 pickups, the neck and bridge are on your standard 3 way switch, and the middle is on an on/off switch. what i've always wanted to do in a future 3 humbucker guitar is get a 5 way rotary switch and a gibson type 3 way, wire the middle and bridge pickups like a 2 humbucker strat on the 5 way switch, and then wire that whole harness to the bridge pin of the gibson 3 way switch. that way you can get every combination easily + the coil taps and such, i love switches and hate knobs.

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Hmmm.... I don't know about a rotary switch. It's very versatile but i still don't like the look of it on a Les Paul. Some days ago I had the idea to integrate 2 on/on slide switches into a pickguard. The first would be to select P90 or bridge PU for the treble position and the second to select p90 or neck PU for the rythm position.

U can stick the switches to the donwside of the pickguard where they are not visible.

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