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Taking Out The Electronics


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Not sure if this should be in this section but as a prospective guitar doer-uper I was wondering how easy it is once you've taken the electronics out of the body to sand/finish/etc how easy it is to get them back in. Do you have to solder or can you twist and tape the wires back together? Would that sound crap?

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and from a standpoint of someone who was there years ago.


i will never EVER try and do that again. it is so much easier to put them back in than to try and either spray around them, mask them, or whatever. pull the SOB's out and put 'em back when you're done.

you'll also learn a lot more that way. like...wiring basics and soldering.

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Don't forget also (while you're in there clipping away) that only a handful of wires will need to be cut and re-soldered. Any inter-connecting wires between pots, ... can and probably should be left as is. I know it's an obvious one but sometimes those clippers have a way of getting carried away!

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