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Internal Effects In Bass


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hi! i have an old aria bass which i've modified a little (made it fretless etc..) and now i'd like to build internal effects for it.. the problem is that i don't know how i should power them. i don't wanna use a battery because i know they'd be dead in no time. how about making a box that'd connect the adapter to a stereo plug?.. i could use it for both power and sound.

all ideas are welcome.. even the insane ones. :D

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tbh unless you have some seirious effects ina battery would be fine, you could always use two in paralel.

the phantom power supply that you mentioned should befine. i came up with the same idea a while back but i havnt actuallyhad a chance to try it out.

the only thing that would be a good idea is to put a diode inside your guitar on the ground connection to jack. otherwise when you plug the cable into the jack (assuming that your using tip as signal, ring as 9V and sleeve as ground) the 9v ring would touch the sleeve ground connection thus putting +9v on the wrong side of your electronics.

im fairlly sure the diode wouldnt adverslly affect the guitar (eg add noise or make it worse) tho you may wanna have a test to see

the only tricky part then would be drilling a suitable enclosure

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man if you have a dual Opamp based autowah then thats about 5 ma drain i reckon, put a fuzz face in there as well and thats about 3ma max then with say an AMZ mosfet boost thats about another 3 ma drain so altogether you're looking atat a current draw of just about 11 ma. even if it hit 15ma youd still be able to run it all off a standard 9v battery for...*rough calculation* about 60 hours straight and use good batteries and it would probablly be double that.

remember, most simple analogue circuits draw fairlly minimal curent. its all the hulking great digital delay circuits that draw the real current.

if you perhaps managed to fit a boss digidelay in there then the phantom power supply would be a good idea but otherwise not much use tbh

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What about this: if the effects you are going to use work at 9V, then you could just use an AC adapter as a separate plug from your 1/4" jack. Danelectro sells such an adapter cable for their pedal effects, and you could just build a compatible jack into your guitar.

It would add another jack and cable, but that's the only problem I could foresee.

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I know hardly nuthin about electronix but why couldn't you wire in a low impedence input like a mic socket and run the power from that seeing as how mics that require phantom power connect to it and work fine. And like LOveKraft said you could build a regulator circuit and bump it down to the required voltage.

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