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To Fill Or Not To Fill...

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So, why would the guy here http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.ph...opic=11418&st=0 not fill the grain on his mahogany? I thought that you always had to with mahogany to get a smooth finish. Is he not going for a smooth finish?

PS: The finished (pun intended!) product is on page 5


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Just like you said "to fill or not to fill" this has been a controversy for ever, it's all a matter of taste, I seen guitars that are finished on poly that have been done with out filler, mostly on Ash not mahogany, but when you finish in oil like he did, usualy you don't use filler because you want to accentuate the look and feel of the natural wood, and mahogany is one of the few woods that I like (from the porous and really heavy grain ones) natural with out filler.

One example of this are the Voodoo and swamp ash series from Gibson.

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