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Child Sized Guitars


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I'm planning on building a guitar for my son someday. I'm not in a big rush but I have started looking into it. I'd probably just buy one if I could find a mini-strat (or similar) that was built for lefties - but my searches have only turned up options of colors on those things, no options for lefty.

I'm not too worried about the actual construction of it but I am worried about parts. For instance, what would I use for pickups? Make my own? Use normal sized pickups and let them extend beyond the strings? What about bridges, tuners?

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I was looking at some of these guitars at Guitar Center last weekend. The neck looked fairly standard size, that is, the width at the nut was the same as a standard size and so was the bridge. There was a single humbucker placed somewhat in between where a bridge and neck humbucker would be placed. It's just that the body size was a lot smaller and the neck looked slimmer on the contour of the back. It had 21 frets even. I didn't see any for lefties but wasn't looking for that. Maybe you can examine one of those to get the ideas for your leftie model.

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Since you're not in any rush - By then I should have my pickup winder up and running. Well actually, it is up and unning, I just have to make the faceplate.

If you fancy paying for the parts then I can try to whip you up a baby pup if you want.

I haven't actually wound any yet but it sounds like when you get started on this then I'll have wound a couple.

I understand if you wouldn't want to but the offers there if you need it :D

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