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Double Stick Tape


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Where can you buy it other than stewmac?

I need to buy some asap and don't have an order for stewmac yet, assuming that you can buy at somewhere else...

anyone tell me where they have seen it at?



meijer or anywhere else that sells tape you can get what they called carpet tape.. used for sticking down rugs, it's the exact same thing but cheaper.


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Carpet tape is not the exact same thing, it's a close cousin.

And there are several different types of carpet tape out there, I remember when I was on my hunt for local 2-sided tape, and I wound up with some interesting types of tape that was close to what I needed, but not quite, so be aware if you go buying carpet tape, open it up in the store (after you buy it of course) and inspect it to see if it's really what you need.

Carpet tape has cloth fibers running thru it, 2-sided tape does not, it's just tape.

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I've never bought StewMac doublesided, but the best doublesided i've used is 3M 1" wide. It has virtually no thickness, sticks like sh*t to a blanket, but peels off cleanly (mostly) when you need to get rid of it.

Carpet tape which is opaque but has a noticeable thickness is useless. It sticks like nobody's business, but the fabric layer between the two sticky surfaces creeps and lets things slip, and ulitimately release. Not cool if you happen to be running a router bit in them when it happpens...

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I agree 100% Setch, and was going to mention carpet tape doesn't stick so good, just didn't add it in.

It's sort of gooey and does allow things to slide.

I use strictly Stew-Mac stuff now, and hell, a roll lasts me 2-3 years, and I -live- on that stuff, I bet I use it almost every day.

So why bother experimenting and possibly completely destroy a body or whatever if it slips on you?

Not worth it, that's like a newb blunder. You do that once, you'll never do it again, your lesson will be learned the hard way.

Also, -real- 2-sided tape is pressure sensitive. What that means is that the harder you press on it, the more it grabs. Quite literally. You take a piece of real 2-sided tape and stick 2 pieces of wood together and throw a clamp on it and clamp it down then release the clamp, that muther will be TAPED, and I mean TAPED, together, like it was glued together.

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