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Emg Pickups


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Everytime I go to the music store and see guitars with EMG active pickups I have to ask what kind of EMGs are in their just so I know for my knowledge. Some guitar stores don't know because some guy traded a guitar in and put them in. I do notice some of the EMG active pickups have different colour fonts on the pickup, but I can't tell the difference between all of them on the EMG site. Does anyone have a colour guide? Thanks!

EDIT: I found it on the site, took me a while to find it so I'll post it if anyone's interested...

EMG 60 - Gray

EMG 81 - Silver

EMG 85 - Gold

EMG 89 - Copper

EMG 91 - Gold

EMG H - White

EMG HA - Gold

EMG 707 - Gold

EMG S - Silver

EMG SA - Gold

EMG SV - Gold

EMG SAV - Gold

EMG FT - Gold

EMG RT - Gold

EMG FTC - Silver

EMG RTC - Silver

EMG P - Silver

EMG P5 - Silver

EMG P6 - Silver

EMG J set, LJ pickup, SJ pickup - silver

EMG-JV Set, LJV Pickup, SJV Pickup - gold

EMG-HB - silver

EMG-35P - silver

Emg 35p4 - silver

EMG 35j - silver

EMG 35DC - silver

EMG 35CS - Silver

EMG 40p - silver

emg 40p5 - silver

emg40j - silver

emg 40dc - silver

emg 40cs - silver

emg 45p - silver

emg 45j - silver

emg 45dc - silver

emg 45cs - silver

it would've been nice if EMG used more than 4 colours lol

-Jamie :D

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yeah, it helps if there was more colours cause you always have people buy guitars, put emgs in and sometimes they end up in pawn shops and stores that just deal with used stuff. I mean I don't think I should be taking a screw driver and taking the pups out in the store to look at the back of them and see what EMGs they are lol. I'm kind of leaning for a guitar with an EMG 60 in the neck, because it's a real deep sound and I only play on the neck.

-Jamie :D

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i think it's great that they use a limited amount of colours. because if you are in my situation, you can get stupid people to sell you an 81 when they think they are selling you an 85. and because they thought it was an 85, they sold it to me for really cheap, because they wanted an 81.

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lol lucky you. reason i wish though is cause at this guitar store they only sell used guitars and they're selling one with 2 EMG actives. I don't know the name of the guitar, it starts with a G and its in handwriting, looks like a scribble lol. I think it's a kramer baretta style body. 295 bucks canadian, but first i should try it out :D


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