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Black Ice Overdrive


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i am going add a black ice overdrive into my guitar. i was thinking of doing the one with the mini switch but i decided to just mod my tone control. i am not going to buy the black ice overdrive form stewmac i am going to do it like in Ansils mod in the tutorial section. i am looking at the diagram now, and i dont realy understand what i have to do. can someone direct me to a diferent diagram? or explain it to me?

i have wired guitars and it went fine. so if i have good instructions i will be fine. ohh also, what are the exact diodes i will need?

i posted a simalar topic awhile ago but dident get any usefull responses, sorry if this seems like double posting :D

any help will greatly apriciated,


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...i posted a simalar topic awhile ago but dident get any usefull responses...

Did you go to the page I linked you to in the last thread? It shows you how to wire the switch, and includes a photograph. He also recommends the BAT41 schottky, but any generic schottky diode should work fairly well. You simply wire the two diodes front to back, and wire the result just exactly like a tone cap. Switching is optional, but I'd at least use a switch to disconnect them from the pot completely. HTH

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how would i incorperate a switch into this?

Just take the wiper of the pot and insert a switch between the tone cap and the black ice circuit. All that is needed is a on/on SPST switch, one side will have the cap to ground and the other side would have the diodes to ground. Middle lug goes to the wiper of the pot.

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i actually had better luck with the bat 46's. you don't get much of an effect on guitars with single coils but i found that even with single coils i got a little better results with the 46's. and just my two cents worth but if you're going to use a switch it's easier to attach the diodes to the output jack and then you really do just need a spst switch to turn it on and off and if you end up not liking it it's easier to remove..

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