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Hey guys i have a band and we havent been playing any new material recently.

Were trying to find some new songs to play because its getting kinda repetitive.

We got 2 shows in two weeks but we dont want to play the same old stuff we always do.

Anyone got any song suggetions?

Any suggestions you can offer would be really appreciated. B)

By the way were about 16 years old each and were playing to 16 year olds just to give you a brief idea of what this is gonna look like.

Thanks! :D

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Cover Barry Maguires cover of PF Slones “Eve of Destruction”

The songs probably more relevant today than it was when it was written. Also the first time I heard it was when John Peel played it years ago (and John sadly passed on last month, so I’d be a good little tribute). It doesn’t sound that hard to play, but I could be wrong because I’ve never tried it. Either way, it’s got to be better than yet another smegin Metallica cover :D

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when i think covers, i think songs that aren't already punk or rock, and that shouldn't be.

a lot of oldies just plain rock as punk songs, not to mention things with female pop stars as the original artist. not britney, though. her stuff just doesn't work...

spice girls are incredible when my band plays 'em. probably the most fun we have the whole night.

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i want to play holy wars... but my guitarist cant keep up!

The intro is pretty fast so were probably gonna choose something a little easier. :D

not so fast...but very tight.if played properly you have these miniature gaps between the open notes and the hammer ons/offs.it is meant to be a very disjointed(for lack of a better word) rythm,yet played smoothly.

hard to describe what i mean.mustaine is the king of that sort of playing style

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