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Wiring 2 Humbuckers


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HI i just bought a guitar body routed for 2 humbuckers, the body has 2 holes drilled for pots, 1 small hole for a mini switch im guessing, and another hole for a strat style switch just curious what kind of components i should put in these holes should i go for a 3 or 5 way switch and what is the point of the miniswitch, i looked for a wiring diagram but couldnt find one like this any help would be great im as you guessed a begginer.

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Thats for 2 hum, 1 vol, 1 tone and a 3 way switch^

Just buy 2 500k pots, and a 3 way selector and wire it up like the diagram.

A 5 way is used for a guitar with 3 pickups. 3 selector is for 2 humbuckers because its neck/both/bridge when in its corresponding positions. for 3 pickups its neck/neck middle/middle/middle bridge.


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the mini could be a coil or phase switch.

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With that layout, I'd use a 5-way 4-pole switch with 4-wire humbuckers,and setit up as follows:

  • 1 Bridge hum
  • 2 Inner coils in series
  • 3 Both hums
  • 4 Outer coils in series
  • 5 Neck hum

Use the mini switch to swap tone caps, or change the tone to a mid cut, like a fixed varitone. That's about all I could keep track of while playing. :D

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