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Volume Pedal To Wah-wah Pedal


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Hey all. I have just aquired a Korg EXP-2 foot pedal and have found it to be quite useless to me. Is there a relativly easy way of turning it into a wah pedal? Would be a good little project for me. I have found a few schematics at GGG, but I'd still like to get someones opinion. Cheers

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turning it into a wah pedal would be easy in some ways and hard in other.

an actual wah circuit is easy to make and the hardest part of it generally is getting a good foot rocker case, which you have sothats easy.

what can be hard is getting hold of the 500mH inductors.

Antique Electronic Supplies has new fasel inductors for about $17 USD and some people have used small audio transformer primary coils.

all in all not a bad project and apart fom the inductor fairlly cheap. you may want to spend some cash on a good dpdt switch as well unless theres one withthe volume pedal for some reason.

also when ur building it have a look around the net for wah pedal mods. most of them are resistor changes you can make. i recentlly modded my Vox v847 and among other things i added an external pot to control the Q of the sweep, very useful

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AES also has a complete replacement board for a Crybaby:

Original Crybaby replacement circuit board

I'd probably roll my own, but if you don't feel up to it, that's an option that'll save you some grief. They've also got the Hot Potz II 100K to go with that board, although reviews on it are mixed, so it may not be worth the price.

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Hot Potz II available here:


I am lookin for a old wah on ebay and came accross this.

Let us know how it turns out and what you decide to do because i am quite interested in that and would consider doing something similar one day.

Ben :D

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you have to doulbe the feedback circuit to get the correct vocal tone but you can use the coil in a disposable camera for the inductor. :D

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