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What Da Frique!

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Hey everyone. I just KNOW that this information is listed somewhere in the forum, so please feel free to direct me to a thread. I have a guitar that I want to strip down to the bare wood and then refinish. But I have NEVER had success stripping the clear coat and/or finish off a guitar using a chemical stripper:angry: !! I've used many different brands of stripper, but I've never been able to even penitrate the clearcoat, much less the stain itself. I've heard of "air craft" stripper, but I haven't found any yet. I MUST be missing something somewhere because this is such a common thing to do. So if anyone has information they could convey, I'd really appreciate it. I'm about to go out and get a power hand sander for this project (I really just need to have one anyway), but thought I'd try the forum first. Thanks a lot!!

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do yourself a favor, go to home depot, look for those orangish buckets that home depot has, one of them will be labeled paint stripper, get it.

Well, not if the finish is anything like the stuff they put on my guitar (polyurethane?)...that stuff simply doesn't react to any but the harshest most dangerous strippers...

On the other hand, it really just comes right off with sandpaper and some elbow grease ...you have to wear a dust mask though, you definitely don't want to breathe that stuff.

Probably take less time (though a bit more effort) with sandpaper

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guiterry, no, i have NO idea what the name of the stuff is. after i used it i chucked it, because i didn't trust keeping it in the house...

and idch, trust me, i'd tried 4 or 5 other strippers on my jackson(which had a massive thick polyurethane finish on it). nothing had worked even remotely, then i tried this stuff on a reccomendation of a guy online...it took it off right quick...

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