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Humbucker Signal Loss


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Hi, i am new here, but have a major problem.

I am building a guitar for a friend of mine.

This thime it will be a Telecaster body (original Hohner telecaster) with a Stratocaster neck, and 2 humbuckers.

And that's where the problem is.

The bridge pickup is a DiMarzio and the neck pickup some kind of Turkish humbucker (sound beautiful).

Both pickups sound find if you switch them alone, but if you combine both pickups, the sound becomes weak and flat, every middle and bass is gone.

I called a guitar shop and they said that the pickup where out of fase and that i should turn around one pickup, because of the magnetic field, it sounded stupid but i did it, no change whatsoever.

The Turkish pickup is connected as follows, there is a white, green and earth wire coming out of it, i have to connected the white one with the earth cable or else i get no sound at all, the green wire is connected to a 3-way switch.

The DiMarzio pickup has 4 wires, i connected two, to each-other, and one is the earth and the other remaining one is connected to a 3-way switch.

That switch is connected to a volume and tone, and that is going to the output.

Can someone please help me, what am i doing wrong, why is that tone so flat when i combine the two pickups.

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