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So, yeah. I haven't finished project one yet but I'm already thinking about number two.

I just wanted to ask some of the more experienced builders their opinion on an idea. I was thinking about building a telecaster-come-classical guitar. As in nylon strings and stuff. Would the standard pick-up positioning work and would I need diffrent hardware? (eg machine heads, nut etc.)

Dunno, maybe I shouldn't have posted this at 2 in the morning. I can't seem to keep my thoughts straight. Any comments are welcome.


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Jan, Keep in mind that, If you want to use Nylon Strings such as Classical Guitars You won't need or use a pickup for that. The Nylon strings vibrate but

will not be picked up from a magnetic pickup since they lack mettalic structure needed to change the sound to amplify. If it were hollow and you use Piezo, that may work.

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